Energy Procurement | December 7, 2023

Don’t go at it Alone, the Added Benefits of an Energy Broker

With a strategic approach to energy procurement, we can make a direct impact on your bottom line Energy is one of the top five operating costs for most businesses and is an important part of your overall business strategy. 

Between energy market fluctuations and the changing needs of your organization, procuring energy at the lowest cost – and the most favorable terms – is challenging. Procuring energy for your organization shouldn’t be this complex.

First, we will take a look at the most common benefits and then jump into some recent, real-world examples of how Mantis is continually looking out for its clients.

Client Benefits

Your company deserves the best pricing for your energy needs. That’s why Mantis helps you mitigate pricing risk and get the best deal possible by having energy suppliers compete for your business. With Procure, our proprietary Reverse Auction, you can obtain the lowest possible electricity and natural gas rates available on the market. Mantis works for you, not for the suppliers.

Companies have unique energy needs and challenges that require expert guidance. Mantis Innovation is your trusted partner in navigating the complex and dynamic energy markets and helping you make informed decisions.

A clear and effective energy management strategy that supports your business goals is paramount. That’s why Mantis works with you to understand your energy consumption patterns, find opportunities for efficiency and sustainability, and create a customized energy plan that suits your needs. Mantis is more than just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in energy management.

We listen to your energy needs and preferences, and we offer you a wide range of energy products and services that suit your situation. You can choose from fixed, variable, or hybrid pricing, renewable energy certificates, demand response, or energy efficiency solutions—whatever best suits your business. And whatever you decide, we are here to support you and help you save money and the environment.

Clients are the priority for Mantis. We take care of all the paperwork and hassle involved in getting the best energy prices, comparing different offers, signing contracts, and maintaining good relationships with suppliers for you.

You get expert advice from Mantis on when to lock in your rates based on energy market trends, and you enjoy transparent contract terms and conditions with no hidden fees or penalties. Mantis is your trusted partner in protecting you from market risks and contract pitfalls.

Ongoing Support
Get regular reports and updates on your energy spending as well as dedicated support to help you with any issues or questions you may have during your contract term.

You have the power to achieve your environmental and social goals with Mantis. You can reduce your carbon footprint and support renewable energy sources by choosing green energy options that we’ll help you identify and procure. You can also demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and enhance your brand reputation by showcasing your energy achievements with our help.

Supplier Network
As a client of Mantis, you can benefit from our network and reputation in the industry. You can access exclusive deals and opportunities that may not be available to you directly, thanks to our established relationships with all reputable energy suppliers.

We listen to your specific needs and preferences and adapt our solutions to suit you best. You can expect respect and honesty from us and reliable delivery of our promises.

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Real World Examples

As promised, the following are some real-world examples of the challenges our Client Success Team has recently addressed:

Supplier Relationships
Mantis successfully leveraged its supplier relationships to restructure contracts for clients facing substantial MAC Charges. One client, in particular, would have incurred an additional charge for the Energy MAC if they had chosen not to proceed with the restructuring. We were able to help them avoid a $20,000 charge.

Mantis assisted a large housing authority in improving their organization. The client was to be billed summarily once the contract with the supplier came into effect due to their large volume of accounts. We collaborated with the supplier to accommodate the client's billing, a process that was quite lengthy. This change led to some confusion and lingering back balances from before the switch was made. They received several shut-off notices due to nonpayment, further complicating matters. The supplier incorrectly applied balances, and statements displayed incorrect amounts. We facilitated calls with both the client and the supplier to rectify this and have made significant progress since then. This saved the client over 20 hours and alleviated much stress.

Ongoing Support
We are continually working with suppliers to have ETF (early termination fees) waived or reduced for dropped accounts. Some ETF amounts are too large to be waived entirely; in these cases, we collaborate with suppliers to explore available options. We have an 80% success rate in at least reducing the fee.

Billing Errors
We have had a few clients with missing usage data from the Utility for extended periods. We ensure regular follow-ups with the supplier to confirm they are working with the Utility to correct this. We also arrange payment plans for clients who receive a large bill all at once due to the delay.

We send out back balances to ensure clients are addressing them, preventing their accounts from dropping and incurring ETF amounts. We also obtain extensions on drop notices while they are being worked on or resolved with suppliers. This is a task that the average business would not have the time or resources to manage.

Mantis alerts hold/over clients of dropping accounts due to nonpayment, only to discover that they no longer own the accounts. We recently advised a client to backdate a drop request with the Utility, helping them avoid a $51,602.97 back balance.

What does this mean?

Mantis Innovation offers more than just competitive pricing. We provide strategic energy procurement, expert guidance, personalized solutions, and ongoing support. Our commitment to sustainability allows you to achieve your environmental goals. The real-world examples highlight our ability to navigate complex energy markets, save you time and stress, and directly impact your bottom line. Let Mantis be your strategic partner in energy management.