Energy Efficiency | August 31, 2017

Qualifying Your Efficiency Project for Utility Incentives

Our homes, businesses, schools and governments collectively consume more than 70 percent of the natural gas and electricity generated in the country. Improving energy efficiency in these areas is one of the most constructive, cost-effective ways to address the challenges of high energy prices, energy security and independence, air pollution, and global climate change.

In order to capture the savings that energy efficiency offers, it is best to be aware of the local energy efficiency programs that are available to you. Combining the financial incentives of utilities with the delivery of cost-effective energy efficiency solutions is the fastest and most powerful method to capture robust energy savings for your business.

However, the process of securing a rebate for your efficiency project from the utility company can be complex. Instead of tackling the incentive process alone, we advocate that you partner with an experienced energy services provider (ESP) to manage the process.

What does an Energy Services Provider do?

  • Works with facility managers throughout the entire energy efficiency project

  • Handles project from the initial site audit to the installation

  • Apply for utility incentives on the company’s behalf.

Since the rules and qualifications vary by state as well as by utility provider, an ESP will save you valuable time and effort as they handle the application process for incentives and rebates.

The ESP will work directly with the utility, minimizing the chances of the application being denied, while negotiating the incentives on the customer’s behalf and leveraging their knowledge and experience to maximize the return on investment.

Utilities have different budgets for energy efficiency projects, based upon individual state budget allocations. Once the budget runs out, facility managers seeking incentives and rebates have to typically wait until the program opens again the following year. An experienced ESP can get your project and incentive application pushed through before the incentive cash has run out, ensuring a project will start quicker and the ROI of the project will be realized sooner.

The Efficiency Solutions division of Mantis Innovation can streamline the process of working with the utility to ensure that your project qualifies for the highest level of incentives. We also accept the utility incentive as partial direct payment from the utility, removing the qualification risk from the client.

Meet with one of our engineers today to discuss potential energy efficiency solutions and financial options for your next project!