Energy Efficiency | December 19, 2016

The State of Energy Efficiency in the Midwest

America's expansive heartland has seen tremendous growth in demand for new and expanded efficiency measures. Overall investments in energy efficiency have continued to increase in the Midwest throughout 2016, with many states in the region aggressively pursuing efficiency measures through the adoption of statewide energy efficiency standards and other policies aimed at reducing energy consumption implemented at the state and local levels.

These are a few examples of recent initiatives that demonstrate why the Midwest has become one of the hottest markets for energy conservation in the country.


Midwest policy is being developed in favor of efficiency projects

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) latest energy efficiency scorecard (a national grading system of states with the strongest efficiency policies in place), Missouri, Illinois and Michigan have moved up 22 spots since their 2007 ranking. Each state was recognized for a greater focus on efficiency requirements in building codes.

Minnesota and Illinois also ranked highest in the Midwest for Combined Heat and Power (CHP)-friendly policies within the overall efficiency standard.


This Illinois energy bill supports energy jobs

Just this month, Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois, Exelon Generation and ComEd reached an agreement on a historic energy bill. The Future Energy Jobs Bill, SB2814, protects and creates thousands of jobs and strengthens the Illinois economy while taking important steps toward the state’s clean energy future and preserving competitive rates.

The plan accelerates the growth of solar and wind energy investments, nearly doubles energy efficiency, and provides hundreds of millions of dollars for low-income programs.


Carbon emissions are being reduced across the Midwest

It was recently announced that the Midwest is well-positioned to benefit from industrial energy efficiency improvements due to the region’s significant manufacturing sector. The report, State Ranking of Potential Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions through Industrial Energy Efficiency, shows five of the top ten states that would experience the greatest total carbon emission reductions are in the Midwest:

  • Ohio
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan. 


What's next for Midwest energy efficiency?

Based on the activity concluding this year's movement in Midwest energy initiatives, we anticipate more growth, programs, and commitment to efficiency measures spread across the middle of the country. Illinois, in particular, appears to be a driving force for new approach to energy efficiency. We look forward to tracking progress throughout the next year.

Our Efficiency Solutions team will continue to bring our expertise in comprehensive energy services to customers throughout the Midwest with the goal of advancing energy efficiency for the growing number of businesses that are demanding it.