| October 7, 2020

Celebrating Energy Efficiency Day

It's that time of year again – October, the month of changing leaves, pumpkins and pumpkin spice, witches and ghouls and, of course, Energy Efficiency Day! Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of every October, as a chance to recognize the importance of energy efficiency and how it benefits many different kinds of businesses and industries. To celebrate the day, let's look at what energy efficiency means, in general and to your business, and why Energy Efficiency Day is honored annually.

 Photo looking up at a skyscraper with a modern design.

What is energy efficiency really? 

An energy efficiency project is a product installation or building retrofit that makes your energy utilization more efficient. Simple, right? Well, there's a lot more to it.

Energy efficiency projects start with an energy use audit. During this step, an energy engineer comes to your facility, explores the various energy systems and determines where the facility can stand to improve its energy usage. From here, based on the energy audit and the goals of the company – ROI, sustainability, decreased costs, etc. – the engineers will develop a plan for a potential project. 

Most energy efficiency projects revolve around one (or more) of three major categories: Lighting & Controls, HVAC mechanical and Building Management Systems. Oftentimes, all three categories can be pursued in a comprehensive project that provides greater efficiency and cost savings, while potentially securing higher utility incentives to cover project costs. 

Some industries can vary in how they tackle energy efficiency based on process or building needs. For example, data centers look very different in terms of energy usage compared to a college campus, so their energy projects can encapsulate different improvements. 

Speaking generally, however, through smart technology, high efficiency products and improved processes, energy efficiency projects will provide better power management and lower energy usage for residential and/or commercial buildings across sectors. 


Collage of three Fairbanks Energy Services project photos, showing lighting in a healthcare center, a large round blue boiler, and data center server racks.

How is energy efficiency important to me? 

So now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about what energy efficiency really means to you 

Energy efficiency can benefit both commercial/industrial and residential buildings. We work within the commercial and industrial sphere, generating savings for businesses and facilities, which we'll look at more below. 

There are three primary benefits to energy efficiency projects:

1. Energy efficiency projects results in cost saving

One of the main benefits of an energy efficiency project is cost savings. After the installation of a more efficient energy system is paid off, a company will avoid corresponding energy costs every month. Generally, these are huge and provide great month over month savings to be routed into a more valuable investment opportunity. 

2. Energy efficiency projects improve sustainability 

Energy efficiency projects also add to the sustainability measures of a company. As companies use less energy or use energy more efficiently, usage of fossil fuels and electricity becomes more efficient as well, decreasing carbon emissions through energy generation over time. Whether your company is actively pursuing a more environmentally-friendly business model or government regulations are requiring decreased carbon emissions and greater energy efficiency, energy projects provide a way to increase the sustainability of a facility or company. 

3. Energy efficiency projects contribute to better operations 

Finally, energy efficiency projects can improve overall facility processes and atmosphere. For example, increased efficiency helps data centers densify their facilities and better product installations help grocery stores maintain better temperature controls within refrigeration and freezer units. 


Photo of a sunset, with powerlines and towers cast in black against the sky.

What is Energy Efficiency Day? 

Organized in collaboration between several energy efficiency advocacy groups, Energy Efficiency Day is a yearly opportunity to raise focused awareness of the benefits of improved energy management and increased efficiency, and to discuss the importance of considering your energy usage.