Sustainability | June 7, 2021

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We’ve heard it directly from clients: trouble managing multiple vendors; pressure to become more sustainable; tight budgets; the list goes on. This experience had led Mantis Innovation to reimagine our own approach to supporting our clients’ facility performance and evolve the company brand to further unify our solutions offerings. We’re really excited about this new stage of growth for Mantis as more and more companies journey towards increased sustainability and continued operational improvements.


Who is Mantis Innovation?

In a nutshell, we help your facilities to perform better. We take care of the entire building – from the exterior (building envelope, roof, pavement) to the interior systems (HVAC, lighting and power) required to make it run.

Mantis Innovation began as a holding company for several divisions that targeted facility energy procurement and asset management since the first division was founded in 2001. As we acquired more brands over time and formalized the holding company in 2019, we started to see a need for unified, managed facility services in the marketplace. Two years later, we’re proud to launch Mantis Innovation as a top-shelf brand focused on delivering effective and centralized solutions to reimagine facility performance.



Why is the intersection of traditional building operations and a sustainable future important to Mantis?

Look, we’ve been there. Our legacy brands have been firmly planted in traditional energy procurement and facility management since the turn of the century. We’ve seen global change too, though, and have been on the leading edge of developing new platforms and approaches to bring sustainability to our clients.

Let’s face it, today’s companies are on a journey towards increased sustainability. The top performing companies across the globe are focused on it now, more than ever.

For our clients, increasing sustainability might mean procuring green energy sources or installing solar. Others aren’t as far along the path and becoming more sustainable might mean starting to integrate building automation systems or installing LED lighting. No matter where a company is on their journey, we’re here to help them make this transition in a way that fits their business, prioritizing facility performance, project ROI, and decreasing costs.

Ultimately, today’s operations and tomorrow’s future all tie back to sustainability. Across North America, companies are facing increased regulations and requirements addressing their environmental impact. Operating a building to satisfy those requirements is where we come in. Some solutions include new equipment installation, retrofitting old equipment, procuring renewables, using energy more efficiently, keeping building materials like roofs and walls out of the landfill for longer, and more.

We believe facility performance must be effective and must be affordable – and that these are not mutually exclusive. We believe in doing our social good while doing good business. This can mean saving money and saving time, but still doing your part; reduce your carbon footprint, improve building operations, and prioritize facility comfort. We know that you can meet those energy needs in a facility without sacrificing sustainability.


What’s your vision for Mantis?

My vision for Mantis is the company’s vision for the future: we strive to be North America’s leader in delivering smart, sustainable solutions that empower a better world. My goal for Mantis is to become that premier partner in helping you manage your facility in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way, across North America and eventually, internationally! And for you to know that we have the resources to deliver fully managed facility services for whatever is required to improve your building’s performance.


What are the three most important things for people know about Mantis Innovation as we introduce ourselves?

  1. Problem solving for facilities is key to better performance

  2. Enabling operational excellence is foundational to all our solutions

  3. Premier, collaborative consulting is at the core of how we approach each client and each facility


What’s behind your tagline ‘Ingenuity Unleashed. Results Delivered.’?

It’s an exciting time for Mantis. The new logo, an updated mission statement, and new colors are intended to highlight our technology platforms and sustainability focus. Over time, Mantis has continued to acquire innovative companies, expanding its offerings from energy procurement to include facility asset management and now efficiency solutions as well. Today, Mantis Innovation has improved a staggering amount of facility space – over two billion square feet!

We’ve already been solving for a multitude of problems in and around facilities. Now, we’re doing it better than ever with tech-enabled solutions, a focus on sustainability, and truly comprehensive, managed facility services backed by world-class engineering taking the lead.


The sustainability story of Mantis Innovation