Energy Efficiency | March 26, 2019

5 Reasons to Tell Marketing About Your Energy Efficiency Project

If your company has recently completed an energy efficiency or any type of sustainability project, there are several reasons to bring the project to your marketing department. Most facility managers consider the job done if kWh or therms are being saved and finance is happy with the project payback.

The new lighting is installed, your BMS is working correctly, mechanical and HVAC have been updated for the first time in years – what’s left to do?

Marketing your energy efficiency upgrade is the final (unofficial) stage of the project. Here are our top 5 benefits to sharing your recent efficiency gains with your company’s marketing department.


5 good reasons to talk about energy efficiency

1. Sustainability is a hot topic

Sustainability looks good for companies. Cone, a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility research and analysis, released the following key findings in 2018:

  • 86% of Americans prioritize companies that are responsible
  • 79% prioritize companies that protect the environment

Emphasizing energy savings and more efficient best practices is a marketing message relevant to nearly every American consumer.


2. Energy savings show responsibility

Companies that care about energy, the environment and their own impact are companies that care about their product – and most importantly – their customers. Demonstrating energy savings through a case study or a press release tells the public a bigger story about why customers can trust your company.


3. Efficiency projects bolster company pride

Marketing to an internal audience is important too. Sharing success of all departments – including facilities – shows the good work being done at all levels of your organization.  Employees can feel good about working for an energy conscious company.


4. Energy news diversifies your company updates

Marketing your company’s product is most important. But diversifying your messaging with a focus on energy use and sustainability can increase your credibility with media as well.


5. When promoting sustainability, everybody wins

It’s simple. Marketing your energy efficiency project makes your work, your team and your company look good.

Want to write a case study or blog about one of Mantis' recent sustainability or efficiency projects with your company? Send me an email.

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